Dixons Online Gone But Not Forgotten

Dixons Online

Dixons Online was the web retail arm of the huge Dixons stores group. This once thriving ecommerce site has since stopped trading several years ago, but not because of any failings on its behalf. As you may well know, Dixons Electrical was not one of the many household names like Woolworths and Currys that made it big in the news headlines one last time because they were about to cease trading or had just gone in to administration.

At the time Dixons Online was removed from the internet it was a successful and popular ecommerce venture, used by many in the UK and further afield, with customers coming in droves on a daily basis.

So why would they pull such a successful site? Well it all seems to be about rebranding away from Dixons and putting all of their efforts into the Currys website which is still going strong today.

Dixons was removed from the web and the high street but still has a few stores at airports in the UK, Ireland and Oslo. These stores are known as Dixons Travel and carry a range of products such as headphone and phone chargers which are essential to travellers the world over.

This is all governed by the parent company where the name is still in use, Dixons Carphone which includes the above brands plus Carphone Warehouse and PC World. These brands also run their respective ecommerce websites as is necessary to compete in today’s market place which has changed by an unrecognisable amount due to the success and influence of Amazon.

So gone but clearly not forgotten, Dixons Online is still in the public conscience, more because of the way it was removed from the high street and web. If it had collapsed and been all over the news then it would most likely have now long disappeared from our collective memories, but as it slinked away we still think Dixons Online may still be around somewhere, much like the remote that you know will one day be found in the bowls of your couch.