Dixons Electrical Stores

With over sixty years retail expertise Dixons Electrical stores first evolved from the photographic industry in the late 1930’s. Starting off as a small photographic studio Dixons Electrical direction shifted towards the retailing of photographic equipment during the 1950’s and it was here that the Dixons Electrical business began to flourish and grow at a quick rate. Mail order cemented this growth and ensured the position of leading photographic retailer in the UK market. Due to increased popularity in photography and the ability to offer top quality service at competitive prices ensured this top position throughout the 1950’s. Wise acquisitions of major competitors during the 1960’s and 1970’s along with developing strong trade partnerships with Japanese manufacturers strengthened their position and made Dixons Electrical Store a high street name throughout the UK. Diversification into audio and visual products rapidly followed and through continued success Dixons Electrical plc emerged with the acquisition of Currys into the Dixons Electrical portfolio. Currently Dixons Electrical have built up a reputation for offering the latest electronic devices at low prices through the high street and internet. The Dixons Electrical group itself has seen continued success, with group turnover in excess of £6 billion 2003/4 with pre tax profits of over £300 million for the same time frame. The Dixons Electrical group also contains other companies (apart from Dixons Electrical and Currys) that are well known UK brands including:

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There are over two hundred Dixons Electrical stores in the UK at present selling a wide range of electronic products such as Dixons Electrical digital cameras. Alongside the traditional Dixons Electrical high street store there are also outlets situated within twenty UK airports and a number of their new format massive stores known as Dixons Electrical XL placed in major British cities which on average are over 6 times larger than the average Dixons electrical store.
Dixons Electrical Online Internet Shopping

Dixons electrical launched their online mail order retail arm in 1997. The Dixons Electrical online store offered well over two thousand electrical products online. Since then their product range has expanded and the web site currently offers their entire catalogue online as well as offering products and prices which are unique to Dixons Electrical online. Regular updates on the site ensure it offers the latest technological advances online such as up and coming Dixons Electrical digital cameras. Aside from their photographic equipment other popular online departments include lcd and plasma tv, computers, gaming and Dixons Electrical audio.