Dixons chain to stop selling cathode ray tube televisions

Dixons, the high street computers-to-cameras chain, is to stop selling crt televisions. The cathode ray tube sets will be phased out over the course of this year as they are being replaced by LCD and plasma, the company said.

The decision is because of the rising popularity of LCD and plasma flat televisions, which now outsell the big box sets by four to one. Dixons said that the move was a response to the relentless progress of digital and high-definition LCD and Plasma technology.
Bryan Magrath, marketing director for the chain, said: “The cathode ray television has been a fixture in most homes for decades, but in the world of technology nothing stands still.
New liquid crystal display, LCD and plasma technology at affordable prices are now entering the Great British sitting room at lightning speed.”

The cathode ray sets — known as “suburban drums” — have been on sale since the middle of the last century. They are built around the cathode ray tube, which was invented in 1897. The technology behind LCD and plasma televisions means they take up much less room which is an incredibly popular feature. LCD and plasma televisions also allow the viewing of the up coming HD signal.