Dixons Electrical

Charles Kalms opened the first Dixons Electrical photographic studio at 32 High Street, Southend. The business was incorporated as a private company called Dixon Studios Limited and registered on 27 October 1937 with share capital of £100.
Today Dixons electrical is the UK’s leading high street electrical retailer of consumer electronics such as sat nav, digital cameras, computers, lcd tv, laptops, mp3 players, camcorders, xbox, mobiles, playstation and lots more.

From camcorders to plasma TVs and DVD players to laptops, Dixons Electrical has been offering customers the very best in the latest electrical technology since it first opened as a single photographic studio in 1937.

Dixons stores offer a welcoming shopping experience with easy access and expert electrical staff on hand to answer any customer queries.

There are 193 Dixons stores in the UK and seven in the Republic of Ireland (as at 12 November 2005).

The Group launched its first tax-free Dixons store at Heathrow airport in 1994 and now has twenty one airport stores.

The first Dixons xL ‘outsize’ electrical store was opened in Cardiff in 2002, and Dixons Electrical now has five xL stores, located in Swansea, Hull, Birmingham, Doncaster and Cardiff. On average, each xL store is six times as large as a traditional Dixons Electrical, and stocks more than 400,000 buttons, computer keys and on/off switches, one million film exposures, 6,000 remote controls, and 1,288,108 metres of video tape at any one time.

Sales in 2004/2005 were £688 million.
Dixons Electrical for mp3 players, digital cameras, sat nav, computers, laptops, lcd tv, camcorders, mobiles, xbox, playstation and loads more electrical items.